Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chicken Cordon Bleu by....WHO?

By ME! That's right...ME! I did it! I made Chicken Cordon Bleu!

And yes...I know this blog is like two weeks late, but I cooked EVERY WEEK, I just never got a chance to actually blog each week. So I'll be catching up today! I'M NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE UNTIL I DO! lol. (PS: do you keep up with your blogging? GEEZ!)

I looked up a few recipes for this adventure and finally settled on this one from

I started off at the Fresh Market to get some beautiful chicken breasts and uber expensive cheese and prosciutto. TEN DOLLARS FOR CHEESE? C'MON! (I later found out from my mother that she replaces these two pricey items with swiss cheese and some very thinly sliced deli ham. I'll definitely try that next time!)
Once home, I pounded out the chicken breasts between two pieces of saran wrap and tried to get them as thin as I could without them falling apart. This is easier said than done!
Once the chicken is nice and thin you lay your prosciutto on top and then cover it with cheese and roll up tightly, using saran wrap (KEEPING IT ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ROLL) to keep it all tight.

I followed the recipe exactly and seasoned the flour and then mixed all the other ingredients as directed. I then lightly dusted the rolled up chicken breasts with flour, dipped in the beaten egg and then rolled in the bread crumb mixture.

I then put the chicken in the oven for the directed time, but it never browned! I left it in another ten minutes or so...and it still never browned! GRRR! I then put the chicken under the broiler for a few minutes to brown...and boy did they! I guess because the oven was already warm it browned LIGHTNING quick and a little of the breadcrumbs burned. BOO!

I scraped off the severely burned breadcrumbs and it still tasted great. The cheese was melted enough to be wonderful but not too melty to where it runs out everywhere on the plate!

This was a very good and easy recipe...but it left out a few steps I think. According to the reviews I was supposed to wrap the chicken breasts tightly in the saran wrap used to roll it up and stick it in the fridge for a while so it will maintain it's shape better. Mine maintained their shape just fine without this step however. Also, everyone else seemed to brown their breadcrumbs under the broiler as well...and the recipe never mentions this. I would encourage everyone to try this recipe...but substitute the ham and swiss cheese so it won't hurt your bank account as much!

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  1. hahaha... umm... I keep up with my blog by shortchanging all other aspects of my life. :) (kidding!)

    I don't know, really. I think it's a disease. I just can't stop messing with it.

    Anyway, your chicken looks great! I wish I could get over my fear of meat that isn't ground.