Friday, July 30, 2010

Wilton Cake Class!

So, long time no talk. But, I at least have a good excuse...I've been taking cake decorating classes at Michael's! These are a few of my creations. Don't judge me too harshly! The class had its ups and downs for sure. Flowers with petals and I are NOT friends. AT ALL. But, luckily I had a great teacher with a great sense of humor so we had some fun times.

This was cake One: We had to make a birthday cake and my puppy princess Lexi was turning 4 a week later so I put her name and age on it.

Cake Two: Roses. the only thing I have to say about roses and flowers in general.

Cake Three: Father's Day cake (the inside was WAY more amazing than the outside). It was a white chocolate hummingbird cake!

Cake Four: Our final cake for course two....thank GOD lillies are so easy!

Cake Five: My little cousin Anna's 11th Birthday cake. I worked FOREVER on this and thought it turned out really well.

Stay tuned for cake Six...the FINAL course project!!!